Melbourne Design Festival

They're like little candies. I want them all over my walls.



Becauase I can't ignore this any longer

I've seen these popping up on Ffffound for weeks now. And every time I see them I'm in awe. They're fabulous homages to that 1960's Saul Bass look. I love it. Don't they just make you happy?

See the whole series HERE.

Hello, Beautiful

This, to me, is like fine art.


Ingenious Business Card

Based on the E-scale ruler.

See more amazing business cards HERE.

Poster of the Day

Oh I just love that old saloon look.

Ffffound HERE.

Caroline Fabés

You should take a look at this woman's portfolio. Really awesome stuff. And, she has my name. So that's cool too.



Amazing "Shining" poster

This poster by Tom Whalen is great for a movie that everyone knows and (presumably) loves. It doesn't feature an obvious photo of Jack Nicholson, but it's implied with the ax through the door. Really cool. Not only that, but the great little details at the bottom. He's obviously a a pro at the pen tool.

See more over at /FILM


Damn you, Ffffound. Every time I go there I update my blog way too much.

"Make Something Cool Everyday"

Good philosophy.


Poster of the Day

A very truly inspired poster for the movie Coraline.


Sea Change

I hope someday I can make something as fresh as this.



Just Bought- London Letterpress

I was at (my new favorite place) Paper Source the other day, and I spotted this amazing letter press greeting card. It was $3 so I bought it, and then got the frame at IKEA. I can't wait to find a spot for it in my apartment.

Wishlist- Helvetica Moleskine

I've barely heard of them before now, but Moleskine is like the SIGG of notebooks. They're super trendy and design people like them. Plus they come in lots of styles. But you're not really missing out if you've just got a regular water bottle. HOWEVER. This little Helvetica edition of Moleskine just about took my breath away. Love the Swiss style. Helvetica is the best font there is, I'd love to have this for my shelf. And then maybe get a generic one... For actual use.

BUY IT (for me) HERE

(It's in Hong Kong dolalrs... $198 translates to $25, roughly)

Pantone badge set

So cool.




Mmm, romanticism.

Mellow out today

Have a good week.

Typography- "Lost + Found"

I have no idea where this is from. But I want it for my wall... Really badly.



The New Ideal Calender from OBEY

Newly arrived is the new year, a time for new ideas and a new ideal. Studio Number One’s 2009 calendar is also here (yes, it’s new too), with 12 months’ worth of fresh typography and illustration from Shepard Fairey, Zach Gibson, Kristian Henson, Philip Lumbang, Jesselisa Moretti, Cleon Peterson, Casey Ryder and Florencio Zavala.

With so much focus on the troubles of our times, we choose to see each day as a little bit of space for us to work toward innovating and solving problems. The new year brings a whole new set of these opportunities, and we’re glad we can share these little spaces with you.

BUY. I know I will.


Propaganda Porn


Sanna Annukka

Just found this artist through FFFFOUND.. Then I remembered that she did all the artwork for Keane's last album UNDER THE IRON SEA, which is awesome, and I actually have a shirt with one of her designs on it. She's an amazing graphic artist. Check out her stuff.


Housewares- Type Pillow


EDIT: here.

Typography- Wedding Invitations

Just looking around blogs this morning, found these spectacular wedding invitations. I'm so remembering this for when I get married. Click for bigger view.