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Wim Crouwel

From Grain Edit:

Wim Crouwel fans rejoice!

The Het Geheugen van Nederland (The Memory of the Netherlands) is a dutch website that contains an extensive collection of illustrations, photographs, texts, film and audio fragments, all of Dutch making. They have an impressive archive of work by Wim Crouwel. Over 500 original designs by Wim and his partners at Total Design lay in wait for your perusing pleasure. Enjoy!



I just saw that the Walker is featuring Eddie Opara as part of their Design Lecture Series on Tuesday. His company, MAP, has some wonderfully minimalist and striking designs. I may have to check this guy out. I knew I joined AIGA for a reason.


I just found this, like, two minutes ago on Flickr, and felt a bit of deja vu, because I designed an ad very similar last semester in my Layout 2 class. I think if nothing else, this proves that my style is so deeply embedded in the 1960s, and I know enough about it (just by independent research) to be able to take influence from an ad... Without ever having seen it before.

True Faith

Bizarrely, I found this blog entry (from more than 2 years ago) through google images. Not, mind you, by looking for Peter Saville designs, or New Order sleeves, but for "Bauhaus." What's weirder is that I just bought this 12" single... Last night at 10 PM.
It compelled me to read the blog and a few of his others, and now I'm really looking forward to getting home and watching this video. If I could listen to ANYONE talk about Bauhaus, it would be Peter Saville. Good blog.

Happy Unofficial Peter Saville week friends!




Wow, what an insanely beautiful collection of work! Please, check out their POSTER SHOP for more lovelies.


Bauhaus t-shirt

(The band, not the school)
You better believe if I was a Bauhaus fan, I'd have this shirt.
I'm soo, so tempted.


Album Covers- New Order

While I'm on the subject of Peter Saville and his work with musicians, I present the cover for New Order's Power, Corruption & Lies. Before I'd even heard the album, I imagined it to be very melodic and rich. It sort of is, blended with warm synths and stark mechanic beats. I wouldn't say it's my favorite album of theirs, but for some reason (and I can't figure out why), I am simply enamored with the album art. I have a strong urge to look at this every morning when I wake up.

The sudden urge to gush about this cover was spurred by the Royal Mail's Album Cover Stamp Set, which features this album cover... It's a really strange selection. I would've chosen Aladdin Sane over Ziggy Stardust in terms of iconic imagery... Not only that, but I think Unknown Pleasures is far more representative of Saville's iconic career than the aforementioned Power, Corruption & Lies, despite both being great covers.