The Swiss Style

I love the Swiss Style. I related with it before I knew what it was. Due to a happy accident I was assigned to do a presentation for a chapter in my History of Graphic Design book (for my class with the same name) and the chapter was simple "The International Typographic System", otherwise known as the Swiss Style).

Anyway, I got a heads up from swissmiss on my twitter this morning. There's a great article over at Smashing Magazine all about this modern, minimalist graphic design style. Please do check it out.


Adam R. Garcia of The Pressure

Here is a GREAT flier that had me dead in my tracks by a local designer for a local club. Through a little investigative research I found him so I could feature him on my blog. Surprisingly, his resume is quite large and impressive, and I'm even more disappointed that I hadn't heard of him until now! Anyway, I very much recommend to you all to check out his work. More love to Minneapolis designers.



Wishlist- TOBIAS chair from IKEA

Oh my god, wow. I'm going to need to start blogging more about architecture because more and more these days I'm being drawn towards amazing and glorious chairs.

I was at IKEA and spotted this and ran right towards it--to see that it is $99. At IKEA of all places... Anyway. It's a modernist dream. Very minimal. And beautiful. I just... I must have it, there's no question.