I still love Olly Moss

The Wolfman, originally uploaded by Olly Moss.

Design Boyfriend

(Flickr and Blogger are collectively being bitches, so I can't scale down the photo. Just head to the original design!)


Best thing ever- My Helvetica necklace

This was sort of a surprise Christmas gift from my mom. I didn't ask for it (I'm usually a bit picky about that), but it was most certainly a welcomed gift. Turns out I did actually ask for something similar (different manufacturer) a while back, which I forgot about until after Christmas. Anyway, it's BEAUTIFUL! It took some getting used to at first because the acrylic is a bit rough around the edges and my collar bones suffered a bit. I've taken to wearing lower-cut shirts so everybody can see it. I've gotten loads of compliments and a few confused looks, but it doesn't matter, because I'm the only one I know who has it, and now, like when I got my Helvetica Badge, my life feels a little more complete.


Housewares - Charley Harper-inspired serving platter at IKEA

I'm sort of easing back into blogging here after I nearly gave it up completely. But last night in my Dreamweaver class, we spent the whole time learning about social media. As a designer, it's important for me to do this stuff. Anyway. Here's what I got right now.

You wouldn't have known, but in the last couple months I've been absolutely obsessed with COLOR and everything 60's-related. Especially illustration. Ever since I conceded that I can't use stock images for portfolio pieces, I've been much more illustration-based. It's great, and I've discovered Charley Harper, who (was) a fantastic illustrator of wildlife, more specifically, birds. This serving tray from IKEA totally emulates his style completely. I'm sure I'll have to get it.

THE TRAY (unfortunately you can't buy it online).