TypeNeu: An Odyssey in Typography

One of my favorite design sites if not the number one.
TypeNeu is a visual inspirational resource for all things new in the field of typography. TypeNeu is an odyssey in typographic culture. Typophile is a common diagnosis, and yes this is the cure.


Helvetica Forever

I'm not having such a great day, so I'm posting about stuff that makes me happy. This is a fun little site about an exhibition in Germany about Helvetica. They also have some amazing fabric bags available (very limited edition, and for how much I do not know). Anyway, check it out yourself HERE.

I love- American Apparel bags

Even though most of the clothing at American Apparel is ridiculous and appalling, I adore their minimalist package and advertising design. More businesses ought to employ this simple and sophisticated way of thinking.

Every time I shop AA (it's not often as their clothing is overpriced), I have to keep the bag because it's too beautiful to get rid of. It's really a shame most of the people who shop there will never understand it. Kinda like how I can't imagine there are too many people besides myself who would wear THESE.

You can buy a CANVAS VERSION of the fantastically design bags on the American Apparel website.

Great finds in history

While taking a late night walk last Saturday, I spotted this fantastic piece of work taped to a lamppost. It literally made me double-take and I had to feel it. It was thick and crisp and the letters, I could tell, were pressed on. It was a magical moment. Luckily I had a bag with me and snipped it down with nail clippers. The distress on top and bottom are from the packaging tape I ripped off. It is 10"x18.5". I might get it custom-framed and hang it somewhere, but for now it safely sits in my room. It must've been the gods of fate that led me to this poster. I love it.


Font shirts

Because that's just what I need; another geeky type shirt.



Where does it come from?

This comes from a time when everything was design without it trying to be. I wish it could be like that still.
I found this on Facebook. It was the image for one of those I.Q. quizzes.. I thought it was so fantastic I took a screen shot. And now here it lay.


White watch from U.O.

I love a good white watch. I'm currently on my second, and quite happy with it. But the Avant Garde-style type on this watch is really striking. It's reasonably priced enough that I could see it on my wrist someday. They also have it in gold... If you like things that look tacky and cheap.



2012 Olympic Poster Project

I am loving these posters.


Awesome type shirt from U.O.

I wish it said something different. I think I think it's stupid. It might be the kind of thing that stops me from buying a shirt like this. But then again.... Look at that type.


Alphabet Bags

I wish I didn't already have so many tote bags. I don't know what to do with them, mostly. Anyway, check out this store. It's super awesome and I love their ampersand bag.