Max Dalton

Meet Max Dalton! I'll let him do his own introduction, since I don't think I could do it justice:
In order to stop being a stranger to you I will tell you some things about me. I'm Maxim Dalton, an illustrator living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've been illustrating since I was two or three, just like any other kid, and began to take it seriously at the age of thirteen. In the lats twenty years I've been involved in several projects like drawing humor strips for a local magazine, creating animations for the TV and doing some editorial illustration. I'm very open-minded and my interests are very dissimilar, but I'm not going to enumerate them all because I don't want to bore you. I just may say that I like to write, oil paint, take photographs, play music and read about animal behavior. I speak five languages and lived in Barcelona and Paris. I also spent some time in New York. I feel comfortable when I find myself surrounded by mid century objects and imagery, and they all inspire me to do the best thing I know: to draw. Now, you can call me Max.

He sounds pretty rad to me. His illustrations are totally legit and it was hard to select only a few for here. I highly recommend looking through his illustrations and then checking out his blog. Personally, I'd love to have his Cocktail Party Cut Out Set. Brilliant ;)


'T' Shirts by Masashi Kawamura

A totally awesome concept from Masashi Kawamura. Combining typography and fashion into these clever "T" Shirts:
‘T’ shirts are T shirts that was designed to have the silhouette of 5 famous typefaces; Helvetica, Caslon, Baskerville, Courier, and Cooper Black.

In the world of typography, terms such as typeface, character, body, etc are used to describe the form of a letter. The reason why they use expressions closely related to a human body, is perhaps because each different letter has a distinct quality and personality, in a similar way that us humans are all unique.

In the designing process of these shirts, I aimed to capture the character of each typeface and tried to give them a unique look and presence once worn. By collaborating with Itaru Yonenaga, I feel we were able to produce a collection of shirts that is not only conceptual, but wearable as real clothes. I hope you will find your favorite shirt/typeface.

The Helvetica one is definitely my favorite, besides the obvious reasons. It's hip, minimal, and kinda androgynous. These will be available for purchase in January, but I must warn you, they're incredibly expensive (Helvetica is the cheapest at $230). I don't think I'd be able to justify buying one right now. When I have the money, though, you just wait...

(via Nubby Twiglet)


Erin Jang's Holiday Cards

What a charming, simple and awesomely retro holiday card from Erin Jang.

Blog redesign

I figured I should make my blog layout match my sensibilities. I had the old design since Spring 2008 so it definitely needed a bit of a lift. Way sexier.

Hello Couture

via WANKEN: "Stumbled upon this elegant project by Ryan Atkinson on Behance. The project was a mini poster series that brought design, typography and a bit of fashion together as a collaboration."

I'm dying from the sexiness.

More on Behance. (It's so worth it)


"Black Swan" movie posters

I'm not sure who the designer is behind these awesome pieces, but I quite like Empire's description of them:
A rather special and gorgeous treat for you today: four pieces of limited edition Black Swan international teaser artwork for you to feast your eyes upon. Yes, they're as beautiful as Natalie Portman and as downright sexy as Mila Kunis - while being as strange and disturbing as Vincent Cassel and as original as director Darren Aronofsky. You're welcome, world.

I'm loving the Propaganda feel, even though I'm sure they have nothing to do with the actual plot.