Cool notebooks from WhoMi

I might have to get one of these notebooks, either just to have, or to actually use. I just love the cover. There's also lined and graph notebooks.



Best thing ever- My new badge

Perhaps you remember a while back I posted THIS ENTRY about little Helvetica badges. I found the picture on DeviantArt and casually commented about how I must have one of them immediately. I got a response from the ARTIST, and he said he makes them, but only in his country (Lithuania). However he said that soon he was going to start an e-shop and wanted to know how much it would cost and how long it would take to ship to the states. He sent me one, under the one condition that I would just let him know when I got it! Sounded like a pretty amazing deal to me, so now here I am, one cute little badge later, and my life is just a little bit more complete.



Just Bought- Helvetica T-Shirt

Been wanting one of these for a while, like almost a year. I had to decide what letter to get, though. Sure my name starts with a C but the C shirt is sooo boring. I got A because, as a type freak, I figure, it's the first letter of the alphabet and all, and the Helvetica lowercase a is most distinctive. I like the R one too. I may get that one as well in the future. But it might be overkill to have too many.

Buy it for yourself HERE


Wishlist- Swiss Army Flash Drive

This is a pretty sweet little device, but good luck taking this on a plane. It's not HORRIBLY expensive, but it's better than the one they sell at American Apparel. Note to self: Never buy swiss army at American Apparel.

And if you WANT to be all trendy: AA


Wishlist- Lego External Drive

So awesome! Totally stylish. Too bad I already have a perfectly good hard drive and too bad this one is $157 on Amazon. Oh, to dream.



Amazing type poster

It doesn't appear this is for sale, but I'd LOVE to wake up every morning to that on my wall.


Awesome Logo

This is a really clever logo, and at the same time, really flippin' obvious. Nicely done.




ce sac est vert

This is a most amazing bag from Canada. The french literally means "This bag is green." It's only available IN store IN Canada... I would seriously go all the way there just to get this bag for $.89. I mapped it out any everything. I feel like my life could not be complete until I have that bag.

CANADIAN TIRE--which you need a Canadian postal code to access.


One more before my computer shuts down

I hope I have twins someday so I can put these shirts on them.
edit: You know what, screw it, I'll just name them "Copy" and "Paste"

V for Vendetta Propaganda post cards

I felt it was significant to post this. I just saw it pop up on Ffffound. But also, I just watched the movie for the first time in 6 months yesterday. AND I was thinking about how I should talk about this poster campaign on here, because I talked about it briefly on my movie blog over a year ago. Also I own the little pack of post cards. So, the stars were aligned on this one.

Anyway, I love these posters. I own a large sized version of the lower right one. I think the propaganda style is totally cool and very well done. I love that there are 4 different styles (but all propaganda themed, that's the key). I love the movie and the posters are amazing. Awesome job.

Hm, this is so my type.

I want it on a shirt.

Awesome poster for The Killers


Packaging- Chocolate Bars

It's apparently unknown at the moment who designed these amazing wrappers, but they were found through LOVELY PACKAGE

In case you forgot



Speaking of posters in Amsterdam..

Jarr Geerligs has quite a large collection of posters in Amsterdam over on his FLICKR. It's very strange that I happened upon this today, of all days.

And I know you were really curious about MY collection of posters from my time in Amsterdam, so here you GO.

New Favorite Design Clique- Experimental Jetset

First, a short bit about ourselves. We are Experimental Jetset, a small, independent graphic design studio based in Amsterdam, consisting of three persons: Marieke Stolk, Danny van den Dungen and Erwin Brinkers. We have been collaborating as Experimental Jetset since we graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (in 1997, 1997 and 1998 respectively), and in our work we focus mostly on printed matter.
We often describe graphic design as "turning language into objects". With this website, we are in fact doing the opposite: we are trying to turn objects into language. Or better said, we are looking at the objects we have produced during the last ten years, and we try to describe them

I spent a bit of my time in Amsterdam (in May of last year) hunting down great posters around the city. I found so many. This picture reminds me of that time, and I wonder if I haven't already seen a lot of their work. They do a lot of awesome stuff with Helvetica, and even designed the poster for the film. Please, check them out. They're an extraordinary firm.


Wishlist- Pantone Rubik's Cub, or "Rubitone"

This isn't available as a product. I'm not sure why. The only people who would buy it anyway would appreciate it greatly. I know I would love to have one on my desk, just for the novelty. Because as a design geek I feel it's essential! Someone ought to start a petition to get the ball rolling on manufacturing these.

More HERE.


Death Cab for Cutie poster



Flip clock screensaver

This is now my screen saver. I can't wait to see it in action.

Get it for yourself HERE.

Wishlist- This poster

My eyes went a bit glossy when I saw this. It's really expensive, though. It can be bought at the online shop for the film Helvetica, which can be found HERE.

Dear Olly, I love you




It's in your mind

The more you stare, the more you see. But I have a headache now.


Yep, still on a helvetica kick

I want this on a shirt..


Helvetica badges

I want one of these. Badly.



Sometimes I hate the Internet

I don't use google reader, but if I had Helvetireader, I might think again about organizing all my dailies into one stop. But, I guess for me, it's damn near impossible to download and install the necessary plug-ins... I use Safari, which requires greasekit, which also requires SIMBL. And I tried, and failed, to download both.

Help? Anyone?



Simple, clean, eye-catching, fabulous.