Album Covers- New Order

While I'm on the subject of Peter Saville and his work with musicians, I present the cover for New Order's Power, Corruption & Lies. Before I'd even heard the album, I imagined it to be very melodic and rich. It sort of is, blended with warm synths and stark mechanic beats. I wouldn't say it's my favorite album of theirs, but for some reason (and I can't figure out why), I am simply enamored with the album art. I have a strong urge to look at this every morning when I wake up.

The sudden urge to gush about this cover was spurred by the Royal Mail's Album Cover Stamp Set, which features this album cover... It's a really strange selection. I would've chosen Aladdin Sane over Ziggy Stardust in terms of iconic imagery... Not only that, but I think Unknown Pleasures is far more representative of Saville's iconic career than the aforementioned Power, Corruption & Lies, despite both being great covers.

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