This is a post where I write about how inadequate I feel.

It's been a little while since I posted anything here. I think I just sort of fell into this slump where I didn't look at design blogs or go to ffffound or anything.

That's not to say I'm in a creative slump. On the contrary, I feel like I have a lot of ideas right now. I recently did a sample project for someone that I am extremely proud of (it couldn't be used, unfortunately, because the event in question already had a GD). But I didn't mind, because I had so much fun doing it. I made my own font and everything.

BUT!! the style of the poster was also heavily influenced by Saul Bass. The subject matter practically screamed for it. I wonder; does this make me unoriginal or non-innovative? Will I ever come up with a style or look on my own? I have no doubt that I am creative. I know what looks good and I have specific tastes. I know how to use software and I know about leading and how to kern. I know a fair bit of history and love to learn more every day. I live and breathe my College Major--I'm very lucky! I just think I lack originality.

I also feel like I'll never be educated enough. What if I never learn about printing or letterpress? Or what if I do and I just don't get it? What if I don't have all the typefaces I need, or what if I never expand my boundaries and make everything according to the same template for the rest of my life?

I sincerely hope I am not the first designer to ask these things. I just look around and see so many designers who are so brilliant and resourceful and I wonder how they learned it and if it's something that's coming to me? Or if I don't know it, I don't know it?

Oi. Talk about feeling inadequate.

Slightly related, though more positive; I want to start a "professional" blog, where I post about my own work and talk about it. I have portfolios scattered around the web (I would say my Flickr is the most concise) but I would feel more... Serious? If I had a special place for it.

If I end up making it... It'll be one more blog I have to get out there. I am pretty much unknown in the blog-o-sphere.

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Pedro said...

"what if I never expand my boundaries and make everything according to the same template for the rest of my life?"

yep, i think about that a lot too :-/